The 6 European fundamental rights

Article 1 - Environment

Everyone has the right to live in an environment that is healthy and protected.

Article 2 - Digital self-determination

Everyone has the right to digital self-determination. Excessive profiling or the manipulation of people is forbidden.

Article 3 - Artificial intelligence

Everyone has the right to know that any algorithms imposed on them are transparent, verifiable and fair. Major decisions must be taken by a human being.

Article 4 - Truth

Everyone has the right to trust that statements made by the holders of public office are true.

Article 5 - Globalization

Everyone has the right to be offered only those goods and services that are produced and provided in accordance with universal human rights.

Article 6 - Fundamental rights lawsuits

Everyone has the right to bring a lawsuit before the European Courts when the Charter’s fundamental rights are systematically violated.

There are huge gaps in the European constitutions: environmental destruction, digitalisation, the power of algorithms, systematic lying in politics, unchecked globalisation and threats to the rule of law – none of these are adequately addressed. We want to change that. With six new fundamental rights for Europe.

It will not be easy to get them implemented. We will need all the support we can get. In Germany, where we are launching this iniative, and in all other member states of the European Union. But the effort is worth it. We must dare to do something new, especially at a time when a virus is unsettling everything. Do you dare? Then vote for these fundamental rights and help to give Europe a new orientation.



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